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What’s bad about the truth?

I’m starting a new podcast that focuses on topics that are very personal to me. As a domestic violence survivor I have a lot to share about my healing process and I believe it’s a topic that needs to be discussed because many people do not realize that they are in abusive relationships especially if it is their first serious relationship. I was one of those people and I want to be a testimony to crush the cycle and have a voice. I wish I knew how to set boundaries and not let someone I love take advantage of my loving nature to forgive and exploit it as a weakness. I want to crush society’s belief that we are weak individuals. I am sharing my personal experience and interviewing other survivors. I want to encourage others to stand up to the abuse and have the courage and love for themselves to leave those relationships. I want to share resources that are available and help save someone’s life maybe.

When you are in it, you may not realize it. This podcast will work as a healing mechanism for me, but my hope is it could give advice to someone who is facing these issues. I want to empower young men and women and share therapeutic ways to cope naturally since I am a firm believer of using natural remedies. I will interview doctors, scientists, herbalists and nutritionists because healthy living is part of my lifestyle and healing. The mental trauma of domestic violence can lead to drug and alcohol abuse often, especially living in poverty which I have could have easily been a victim to and many people are.

If there’s children involved, it is our duty as survivors to teach our children how to set boundaries in their relationships and deal with emotions in a healthy manner. We have a huge bullying problem in our schools which molds adult abusers. It starts with teaching children at a young age how to properly communicate, have healthy relationships and love themselves enough to identify the unhealthy ones. The injustices and stigmas around young parents are other topics that I will cover. Abuse comes in various forms; physical, emotional, psychological, financial and sexual. Abusers need to be stopped. They shame our voices. They use our kids to hurt us. I’m not putting up with it anymore. I’m speaking out.

I’m letting you know that I will be releasing the first one this week.

Stay tuned!


Your favorite Bad Mom ❤


If you are a survivor of domestic abuse specifically with children involved, wrongfully accused with using your own children as a pawns, let me be your voice and let me hear yours. RAWR.

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A survivor of domestic violence giving a voice to other survivors on my podcast

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