The consequences of choosing life: Part 1

No one told me how to find the right partner. No one told me what to look for. No one said what NOT to look for. The red flags that could derail your entire life could be hidden in plain sight. I never felt like a victim until I realized that I was through counseling… the second time I was accused of being an abuser. I never wanted to embarrass you or expose you. Your actions have required it for my own growth. I no longer care what the court of public opinion thinks. I am grown. I do however care how my children remember me. Life is short and I have dedicated my life from now on to survivors of domestic violence, child molestation and sexual assault. You scumbags have to be exposed.

There is no justification in bringing your child down the clusterfuck of delusion many of our abusers put us through. I won’t be careful not to hurt your feelings this time. You have none.

What I do know is you only care about yourself and you never once cared about the kids. You care how you look to society and what you can convince them to believe. You never did that inner work on yourself to grow from your mistakes. Instead, you attacked the closest person you had supporting you. That was your first mistake. Well, your first mistake was being a huge mama’s boy who always looked to mama for advice. I mean, Mama is always a good start but thinking for yourself is where it’s at. Some of us never evolved to do so and that’s precisely mama’s fault. The manipulation is hereditary at this point. Who wasn’t there for who and who cares and how long can you play the victim till someone exposes you for the bullshit you created?

See, I was never raised a victim. I was raised to believe I was a leader meant for greatness. Thanks dad. Mom always wanted to shelter me, yet dad wanted to spell it out like it is. At least, I did not become a statistic to single parent households as a druggie, stripper or a prostitute. I did however, become a statistic of poverty but that’s only temporary till your mother’s new husband goes broke. Whatever the case. I work twice as hard to make up for the parent who chooses to look broke on paper so he can refuse to pay child support. The work ethic was never there so don’t worry. No one EVER looked to you for support. In fact, ditching you was a huge relief. You were a virus. You are now a plague that will not go away. Kind of like Corona!

How could you possibly be so self-centered to think you would be important to our children after claiming I was a terrible mother? You could never be the person I am. I was raised by survivors of the Soviet collapse. You were raised by an uneducated single mom baby boomer with a dead-end job and a drinking problem on her 4th marriage. You had a chance at being a “hero”, but you chose to be the victim for the rest of your life after failing at everything you tried. You are a statistic. You are porch monkey with no self-esteem, no future. Just victimhood. You are scum. Your children think so too. I try daily to practice forgiveness, but you are a cockroach on the bottom of the food chain. Your own children hate you for the shit you put us through. I have no sympathy for the scumbag you have become. You are a lost cause. You are pathetic. You’re disgusting.

The thing is you are irrelevant. You have created me to be the forbidden fruit. I am that special. I am that pure. You are nothing. You are weak. You are crap.

See, the difference between me and you is that I admit to my failures. You did not. You are the “victim”? Nah, brooo. You are the abuser. Wake up buddy boy. You have to be kidding me if you think you can get away with this much longer. I am not afraid of you. I will crush you. You do not control me. You do not own us. You will pay for this. You will be lucky if anyone shows up to your funeral from this family.


Your favorite Bad Mom

Published by The Bad Mom Podcast

A survivor of domestic violence giving a voice to other survivors on my podcast

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