Just call her CRAZY

Just call me crazy for the rest of my life. See, I know I am crazy. Crazy to think I still wonder what you think of me, but I don’t. I am crazy honest. Crazy laid back but ready at any moment to fight for my life. See, you trained me to be ready, I mean, crazy. I have never felt this much peace, it’s actually crazy. You’re a vampire that drains energy and tranquility out of our lives. I am a healer, a dreamer, a lover and a believer. You can just call it crazy. I’m used to it. I am crazy to allow you to cause me harm for almost a decade. To deal with the bullshit you put us through constantly, any normal person would have at least a drug problem or a drinking problem. My crazy ass goes for a run to release that stress. Normal people binge eat or drink. Right? Crazy people talk to their therapist about it and come out of session like ZEN. That’s called self-care, babesss. We learn to cope, we stay away from dope. lol I’m helping our son with his rap career, by the way. He always says how awful you are so I told him to release his stress through music. He’s pretty talented. He’s smarter than you, too. He will be great. He has empathy, which you clearly lack. He is afraid of you. You should probably get some self-care.

I created a podcast and a blog inspired by the life experiences I felt like I needed to share because of the last decade teaching me so much. I was quiet on my blog because I wasn’t sure how to approach the misunderstood subject of domestic violence. Using children to hurt your partner after you discarded them is a form of domestic violence. Some of us never got attention as children from our mother and father. They were either not around or busy doing other stuff. Yours was clearly never around since you beg for attention constantly and use the children like best dad trophies. News Flash! They can’t stand you and they never want to go home to you. They cry, hide, beg not to leave my house. They email me to tell me how they miss me and are bored or sad. You should really focus on the kids, not bringing me down. My focus was always on the kids. Sorry, but this is not about you anymore. In case, you didn’t realize they are the most important. Put you hate for me aside and focus on the children. Loving them when they are sad and angry. Not calling the cops on them. Threatening them with medication. “Medically restraining” them. What the hell is wrong with you? Don’t you see the monster you became? I did everything for you to succeed without me. I took care of them when you were out drinking and partying. I was working, I was taking care of your house and your dog. I have never asked for anything from you but a good co-parenting relationship because our success is ultimately their success.

You’re worse than Nancy Pelosi with her constant soap opera lifestyle. Please get your head straight and realize that when you remove a parent from a child’s life and limit/forbid interaction to that of a dead beat dad then in turn, the children experience sadness and depression. In your case you want to call it, “behavioral issues” but it’s called a normal reaction. Not allowing them to cry when they miss me, taking away pictures of me, their religious crosses and monitoring every phone call is the definition of “CRAZY”. YoU aRe CrAzY.

I am not going anywhere. You can’t shame this. I know I am crazy enough to fight to the death for my children. I am crazy in love with them. I am crazy focused on them and them only. Get your head out of your ass please.


Your favorite Bad Mom

Published by The Bad Mom Podcast

A survivor of domestic violence giving a voice to other survivors on my podcast

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